Patriots will end season by playing the Dolphins


The Patriots will end their 2012 regular season at home against the Miami Dolphins. Historically, the Patriots will usually use their players and keep them on the field even in games that may not matter. This game does provide the Patriots with an opportunity to improve their seed in the playoffs, but would not do too much for them. The 7-8 Dolphins will be looking to end their season with an even record at Gillette Stadium, and the team should be very proud of what they have accomplished with a rookie quarterback and a lot of holes on their team.

The Patriots were able to win last week, but in surprisingly difficult fashion against the Jaguars. The game ended 23-16 in favor of New England. The Jaguars did get off to a good start and led 10-0 at one point. They played very good on both sides of the ball, and the Patriots looked bad on the road. It was certainly something Coach Bellichek spoke to his players about all year. In a game that many would think the Patriots would score 50 points, they managed not even half of that.

The Dolphins were able to get a big win at home against the Bills 24-10. They lost steam in the middle of the season, and probably could have made a run at the playoffs if they had been more consistent. They do seem like a team on the rise, however, and it will be interesting to see what kind of holes they can get filled this offseason to improve upon their record. They certainly will look to end the season in good fashion and have given the Pats trouble in the past. 

Patriots will head to Miami this Sunday


The 8-3 New England Patriots will travel to sunny Florida to take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday. The Dolphins currently are 5-6 behind rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has surprised many with his good first season and has put his team in a position to at least be relevant. The Dolphins have had a surprisingly decent history with the Patriots especially in home games, which will make this game somewhat interesting. Both teams are coming off victories as well. This week’s game will be played at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium at 1 PM ET.

Last week the Patriots crushed the Jets 49-19 in what was the most embarrassing game of the Jets pathetic season. The Patriots scored in every aspect including defense and special teams. The Pats have been as hot as any team, and have scored 108 points in their last 2 games. They have actually not lost since a week 6 in a 1 point loss to the Seahawks in Seattle. Oddly enough, The Seahawks just faced Miami last week but in not so similar an ending.

It was the Dolphins who were able to get a 24-21 victory over the Seahawks last Sunday in Miami. The Dolphins scored 17 points in the 4th quarter to come back and pick up a win. Tannehill threw for 253 yards and a touchdown. The team will have to score much more than 24 if they plan to beat a team like the Patriots who are scoring at will. They spare no expense on points and are quick to bury teams that even try to contend with them.

Patriots will host Colts on Sunday at 4:25 PM


The New England Patriots will take on the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in what should be a renewal to one of the newer rivalries in the NFL in recent years. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning made some memorable games for these teams and made this game the exciting event it now is. On Sunday, however, the Colts will have a new signal caller at the helm with their new rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck will attempt to get the Colts off to a good start under his direction, which is something Peyton struggled with at time.

Although Manning put together great games against the Patriots, he was rarely able to beat the team and lost a high percentage of their matchups. Luck will get his first crack at 4:25 PM ET at Gillette Stadium. The win would be huge for both teams who currently both stand at 6-3 this season. New England is in first place in their division while the Colts are in second behind Houston. The win would still be huge for Indy who is at the top of the wildcard standings.

These two teams have provided some similar things besides their records this year as well. The teams are both efficient offensively and get nearly 400 yards a game. The Patriots, for example, get 430 yards plus each game. The Patriots do get more offensively though averaging 33 points a game to just 20 by the Colts. Oddly enough, both teams give up the same average of points defensively at 22.3 points a game. Although statistically the Patriots have the edge, they must watch out for a much underrated Colts team.

Patriots will travel to St. Louis to take on the Rams


The New England Patriots will meet the St. Louis Rams this Sunday at Wembley Stadium in Missouri this Sunday. The game could make for an interesting one, and is anything but a blow off game for the Patriots who have been a bit suspect this year. The Rams do play solid defense and are at home where they have shown to be successful. The Patriots, on the other hand, are beating teams by minimal margins and have been inconsistent on both sides of the ball.

The Patriots come into the game with a 4-3 record after barely escaping with a win from New York last week. That is when they defeated the Jets 29-26 in overtime after the Jets failed to take advantage of balls that bounced right in their direction and a win that all but landed right in their lap. They should have won the upset against the Patriots, but the Patriots apparently still have lady luck on their side. Luck can only get you so far in the NFL, however, and if the Rams could play any offense with consistency they would probably get the win.

The Rams offense ultimately will decide the game. Jeff Fisher has the team going in the right direction, but does need to get his offense to a point that matches more of the explosive passing offenses in the NFL today. Despite the offenses struggles, the team is still 3-4 led by an amazing defense that loves to get after the quarterback and create turnover. Sunday will show if the Rams have enough offense or if the Rams offense can show up.




Patriots tough loss to the Seahawks


 Last Sunday the Patriots imploded against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks came back and won at home as they continue to try and prove to all that you simply can not beat them in Seattle. The Patriots are the latest victim, but other good teams like the Packers and Cowboys have also lost due to the 12th man in Seattle. The stadium seemed to prove too much for the Patriots offense, which was visibly shaken from the pressure the home-town crowd brings. In the end, the loss dropped the Patriots to 3-3 while Seattle improved to 4-2.

Seattle now finds their team with a chance to take a lead in their division if they can beat the 49ers on Thursday. Seattle took an early lead against the Patriots 10-7 after the first quarter, but were outscored 10-0 in the second quarter to go into halftime down 17-10. The Patriots tacked on a field goal in the 3rd and were up 10 going into the fourth quarter. This is when the Seahawks began to really hold off the Patriots offense and the fans decided they were close enough to continue to push their team to victory.

Seattle was able to put together 14 points in the final quarter while holding the Pats to just 3. Russell Wilson was on fire down the stretch and ended the game 16 of 27 and passed for 293 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was able to throw the eventual game winning TD to Sydney Rice with about a minute left in the contest. The latest let down for the Patriots makes their situation harder as they go into a divisional game with the Jets next week for a chance to get the lead in the division.

AFC East features Patriots and Bills matchup


The AFC East will feature a key match-up Sunday when the New England Patriots meet the New York football Jets. Both teams are deadlocked in the division with the Bills sharing 3-3 records atop the division. The game will be played at 4:25 PM ET in New England at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots head into the game after a huge loss last Sunday in Seattle. The Jets, on the other hand, were able to have huge success at home against the Colts. The history between these two teams also comes into effect, and they sure do have plenty of hate for one another.

The Patriots want to get back on the right track after falling to the Seahawks late in the fourth quarter last week. They allowed the Seahawks to get back into the game and ultimately overtake them. The Patriots rarely lose back-to-back games and have historically had the upper hand on Rex Ryan’s Jets. They come into the game, however, with plenty of question marks and have been more up-and-down this season then they have in quite sometime.

The Jets enter the game with some momentum after a huge 20 plus point win last week against the Colts. They played good on both sides of the ball and seemed to, perhaps, establish some sort of identity last week. They get a great test this week to test out that winning formula, which included a steady dose of Shonn Greene and a good mix of Tebow and Sanchez.

Brady vs. Manning last week


A breakdown of the Patriots and Broncos game last week shows that maybe as a team the Patriots won, but in the battle of Brady vs. manning Peyton is still king. Surly everyone is aware that Peyton is on the losing side of games against the Patriots over time. Going into last Sunday’s game Peyton won 4 while Brady won 8 regular season games. A look into the sheer quarterbacking numbers may show a different view however. For example this past Sunday was surely a W for Peyton in sheer numbers passing the ball while Brady got significant help from the ground game to get a victory.

In the end, the Broncos lost 31-21, but Peyton outplayed Brady by quite a ways. Peyton was 31 of 44 in the contest with 345 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was not intercepted in the game, but suffered as his team rushed for just 70 yards between 4 different rushers. Manning also suffered from a huge fumble by wide receiver Danarius Thomas down inside the ten yard line after a huge gain through the air.

In comparison, Tom Brady was certainly good but did not need to carry his team on his back. He completed 23 of his 31 passes and had 233 yards and a touchdown. The win came, primarily, by way of his teams 250 plus rushing yards that included over 150 from Steven Ridley. Two other backs had nearly 50 yards themselves as well as New England was able to run up and down the field on the Broncos. Historically I think one would see that from a sheer numbers game Manning wins the Peyton V Brady battle, but in the NFL all that matters is the Ws.

Patriots hope for a win against the Seahawks this Sunday

The Patriots will try and do something few teams are able to say year in and year out in the NFL. That is, we beat the Seahawks in Seattle this Sunday. The two teams will meet in Washington at 4:05 PM at Century Link Field. Both teams come into the game with 3-2 records and have done so in very different ways. The Seahawks have continued to show this year, as with most, that the 12th man is as strong as ever in Seattle. They have beaten some difficult teams at home this season and look to continue that trend Sunday.

The Patriots will try and put an end to that home success and come into the game playing as strong as they have all season. Last week they won 31-21 against the likes of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and a week prior they won 52-28 in Buffalo. They have went back to what works with a strong emphasis on utilizing Wes Welker and have run the ball as good as any NFL team this year. A win Sunday would sure show just how good they are right now and what direction they are going.


The Seahawks hope to show just how they are progressing as well and against the Patriots they could definitely show the NFL what type of team they are. Being at home is certainly something that helps, and Seattle may show just how loud they can get Sunday. The Seahawks have already beat the likes of Green Bay and Dallas at home.

Belichick receives $50,000 fine

Baltimore and New England faced off last week in what should have been a memorable game for the play on the field and not the actions of a coach after play was over. Baltimore and The Patriots went back and forth and ultimately the Ravens were able to win in the last seconds of the game on a field-goal that looked like it may have been no good.


The Patriots coach, Bill Belichick certainly thought it was no good and wanted an answer from the replacement referees. In trying to do so, he grabbed a referee as the Ref was jogging into the locker room. This was met with a $50,000 fine later in the week, and it was confirmed that the field made by the officials was the correct one. Belichick seems to be a man that can get away with a lot when it comes to his antics.


After the game his antics continued as when meeting with the media he gave a less than acceptable post-game interview. This man is usually extra secretive and blunt with media while being as vanilla and boring as possible. On this day, he even stepped that up a notch giving less then ever and redirecting media elsewhere. Bill has no business getting any money in his contract for his media relations and should have been checked harder for his on-field antics of grabbing the official. It would appear he is exempt from more serious punishment from the league and I hope I am not the only one that sees this.

Patriots travel to Buffalo to seek their 2nd win

The New England Patriots will try and get just their 2nd win of the season in week four against the Buffalo Bills. The game is set to kickoff at 1PM at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. The Bills will host the game with a better record then the Patriots at 2-1. The Patriots come into the game after a tough week three loss in Baltimore Sunday night that saw their coach Bill Belichick grab an official at the end of the game, which is a big no-no in any sport. Buffalo, meanwhile, defeated the Cleveland Browns last Sunday despite an injury to their key running back.


Despite the Patriots record, they do have some other things going for them in this Sunday’s game. Overall, they have gained more yards a game (391) then Buffalo has (371) this season, and get nearly 100 more yards through the air then Buffalo has. They do, however, fail to be better in all other offensive categories in comparison to the Bills. This is made up for on the defensive side of the ball where the Patriots give up fewer total yards, rushing yards, and points when compared to Buffalo.


The Bills have shown drastic improvements this season and look to shock many in the NFL world Sunday as they will try and knock off the Patriots at home. The win would be a a huge display of just how good this years Bill’s team may be and would really be an NFL eye-opener. They will need to continue to have great success running the ball if they hope to win, but it is hard to say who will be rushing the ball this week. Spiller was injured in last Sunday’s game while Fred Jackson is also still close to coming back from injury. Tashard Choice is currently the only guy on the roster with a clean bill of health.