Bobby Valentine's future

Bobby Valentine's future

Red Sox top brass back, Bobby Valentine.

It's not turned out the way Bobby Valentine expected in his first season at Fenway Park. There have been a lot of injuries that have seen the Red Sox lose and the management has been pretty understanding of this. The Red Sox have had such a disappointing season so far and have been at the bottom of the table in the AL East.

Red Sox owner John Henry has sent out a long e-mail addressing the frustrations that fans and beat writers are having with the team's performance. In this letter, he showed support for manager Bobby Valentine and stated that it should be the organization as a whole that should be blamed and not just an individual.

When looking at the fan reaction, it seems to be the case that they agree that the Red Sox are just not competing as well with a much improved MLB and there were some bad decisions that management has made like the resigning of pitcher Josh Beckett to a $68 million contract extension back in 2010.

The disappointing thing for the Red Sox and their fans is that they are .500 right now after having the second highest payroll in the league. Bobby Valentine seems to be safe for now, but people in Boston expect the Red Sox to win and they should in the future.

This should be the right approach to stick behind the manager given the injuries to important players on the team and other events that have contributed to the losses. It always is going to take some time before the expected results start taking shape.